STA™ Skin Tone Markers - 12 colors

Almost Artist


Hasn’t Copic been overcharging for long enough? STA Markers bring you diverse tones, superb blending capabilities, and longevity at a fraction of the price you’ll find other markers charging in store. We understand you’d never sacrifice quality for cash in your work – but doesn’t it make sense to come out on top for both?

We ensure quality. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we’ll be happy to replace it.

  • A top choice for Architects and Designers, specifically crafted for your design requirements.  
  • High quality alcohol-based pigment ink.
  • Odorless & Washable. 
  • Nontoxic & Fast Drying.
  • Dual end 1 mm and 7 mm nibs.
  • Over 300 metres of draw length.
  • Limited Supply, Not Sold in Stores

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