Wonderful Watercolor Portrait Illustrations by Hector

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Hector Trunnec, a freelance illustrator made these wonderful watercolor portrait illustrations that look so elegant.

You’ll be amazed by seeing these amazing, awesome, cool and wonderful watercolor portrait illustrations that have been made by Hector. He is a freelance illustrator who graduated in Fine Arts. He like to draw everything but his specialty is portraits and comics.

Painting is really what need proper time, consideration and lot of attention. Really not an easy task to draw things as they are actually.

There are few painters or artists who are used to paint portraits of human, animals and things that look real. Wonderful hyper realistic paintings will make you surprise as they are really lifelike painted.

The most important thing to pull attention toward your draw piece either its portrait or else. No matter what you use either watercolor, stencil, pencil color, marker, ball point or besides. You are supposed to show your piece vividly so viewer can guess what you truly draw.

Vibrant pencil drawings, geometrical drawings of wild animals, manga and anime paintings these three paintings are totally different from each other but will get your attention at once.

1st one is very colorful, 2nd one is made with pencil and artist made it very brilliantly. 3rd link have mange and anime paintings that will appeal you.

Anyway, it’s all just about passion and priority. If you love drawing, painting or doodling then you can do your best not in just this field but in every field. First and primary thing in interest and desire. If you’re not concerned then you can’t produce good result.

So, dedication, concern and passion toward any field do matter a lot. You can then easily fulfil your duties and bear your aim out.

By seeing Hector’s watercolor portrait paintings, you’ll know how much sincere he’s toward his work. In fact, his work itself will reveal all the truth of concern, dedication and attention.

I am sure you guys will like his work and will admire. Here it is;

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